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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - In theatres now

My husband and I had the opportunity to go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier at a prescreening recently and so I asked if he would mind putting together a review so my reader's could get both our opinions.  His comes from a person who read the comic books so knows the story lines and for that matter who the winter soldier is/was.  Mine comes from someone who just goes and watches the shows without knowing the story line or the just watching and hearing the story line for the first time.
*By the way, we did not see it in 3D so this is a review on the regular show viewing

A review. A recommendation. Real quick like.

In short, this movie is a part two. You probably already know this movie is actually a part of Marvel’s master plan to make super hero movies interesting again. The Winter Soldier is the latest installment in their Avenger’s universe. If you are worried that you won’t enjoy the flick because you missed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World don’t be.

Seriously. The back story and flashbacks are perfectly timed, brief, and all you need to understand the entire plot of this film. This is a superbly written and beautifully acted film. Even knowing some spoilers doesn’t ruin it because this basic story line has been around in the comics for like 20 years. The Marvel super fans go to this movie and cheer! You’ll know them from the rest of the crowd by oddly timed laughter, cheering, and uncontrolled bursts of non sequitors.

Go see this movie. It was awesome in exactly the opposite way any show you might see on TLC.

Real. Quick. Like.

I have to admit there were some fight scenes at the beginning that were hard to truly focus or see what exactly was being done that I thought I might end up with a headache at the end of the flick if they kept up with that type of filming.  Luckily this was short lived and seemed more stable right after the first few sequences.  After that, I LOVED the flick.  I have to admit I love having a super hero movie with a strong female who kicks butt too, lol.  While there were some predictable scenes overall I was highly entertained and they did throw out some interesting surprises.
And Robert Redford is in it!!!  It has been a long time seeing Robert Redford in a mainstream flick so that was a nice treat to watch as well :D
I agree with my husband, go see this movie.  I suggest watching in the theatre because it really makes the fight scenes that much better, and the Capt looks awesome on the big screen :D
I would say more but don't want to give you spoilers BUT don't forget to stay until the very end of the credits for the easter eggs (I can't believe how many people don't, and yes eggs is PLURAL!!!)

If you have small children, you might want to view this 4 minute trailer to see if you feel they are mature enough to watch the violence in this movie.  
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Would love to hear your thoughts on the flick.

Disclosure: I was provided free admission for 2 into the preview in exchange for a review.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions as always are my own (and my husband's in this case)

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