Sunday, November 3, 2013

Target - Halloween Clearance as low as 70% off

I have been so out of the loop but my friend's messaged me to tell me Target Halloween clearance had gone 70% for costume and general merchandise and 50% for food items.  Also, the Dollar Spot black dot items went 70% off as well.
From Dollar Spot I got the Cascade 3 count for .30 and the waffle kitchen towels for .30.

The Goldfish and Candy Corn flavored kettle cork were 50% off and everything else pictured was 70% off.
The Solo paper plates were .89 each and I used the $1/2 coupon from this weekend's paper.
Bounty 2 packs were .89 each and I used the .25 coupons from the most recent P&G insert.  There are also $1 coupons from the Philips lights on Target website but I didn't have them with me so am gonna try to take my receipt back and see if they will honor a missed coupon.
Good luck and be sure to look in the regular aisles for items that get restocked there that are clearance.  Just look for Halloween packaging and you might be surprised what you find :D

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