Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reader Spotlight - Great lunch pail kit at HEB!

This pretty sweet deal comes from Aliceson L. (or more accurately her dh whom is just as good at finding a pretty sweet deal)

It seems HEB has a pretty good offer with their store coupons.  Here is one of the most recent.
Buy a participating lunch kit (priced as low as $5)
get 5 items free after Yellow coupons ($8.74 total)
Heb tea/lemonade mix
Pentel 4 pack pens
HE Buddy Body Wash
Monkey Bars snack bars
Snapple Bunch single can
(sorry I don't know actual sizes, but you need to find the yellow coupons in store to get this free and they should have the sizes for you)

Thanks so much Aliceson L and dh for this awesome find.
From what I have been told there are also character lunch pails participating but for a bit more cost.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my face deals. I got it last yr too. Beware that this year, the coupons are not deducting the full amounts. Snapply tea is $.79 takes off $.40, pens are $2.29 takes off $1.50, drink stix are $1.49 takes off $1.00; body wash is $2.88 takes off $1.89. My store told me there was nothing they could do b/c that was the value of the my items weren't really FREE afterall. To some its a huge deal b/c if it says FREE it should be FREE. Watch your receipts!

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