Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heb - Decent price on swiffer at Cat and Rebate - Coupons expire tonight

I only had plans to get price checks today at HEB but then I realized the buy swiffer kit, get free refill coupons from 9/29 P&G insert expire tonight and I wanted to see if they would play well with the buy $30 in P&G get $10 catalina(on a future $30 purchase) going on at HEB right now.  There is ALSO a rebate for $10 Visa card here if you buy $30 in P&G in a single transaction at a participating store.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try for a double dip but boy was it an effort!

The coupon clearly states, buy a Swiffer kit, get a refill free up to $6 for free.  So naturally I looked for the cheapest kit and the refills that were as close to $6 (or slightly over) to optimize my chances.

How I envisioned the transaction going:
3 Swiffer Duster Kits @ $ 4.44 each = 13.32
3 Swiffer wet jet refills @ $6.52 each =19.56
=$32.88 which qualifies for the cat (it prints after they hit total and BEFORE you hand over a single coupon! If it doesn't abort and find a working catalina machine)
-3 x $6 since it would take off max value as my refills were over that amount
=14.88 + plus tax
Earn the $10/30 catalina and mail in for $10 rebate making final cost $4.88 ish(since the $10/30 will still require me to spend $20 more $ to use)

Well let me just preface with my husband was with me and he did NOT find this amusing and decided to post on facebook what it is like shopping with ME.....

Yep, that is me at the register with the cashier and an ASM.
What happened, well the coupons auto deducted @ 4.44, 4.44 and 6 so I explained to the cashier I was supposed to get the refills free which would be 3 $6 deductions, not the $4.44.  I told them I a assumed their register was handling the bogo coupons and determining the deduction but apparently my description and suggestion for a rering in a certain order did NOT please the manager.
So off to another register they wisked us away to look over what I was doing and continue to NOT listen to my suggestion.  So he leaves with all the coupons, the receipt the catalina EVERYTHING and is gone at LEAST 5 mins, possibly more.  Then he walks by and puts his hand up signaling it is going to be longer.  Then he finally emerges with the Wicked Witch (she was dressed as her seriously, but she was in a MUCH better mood then Dexter's apprentice- thanks Chuck!)  They look at the information and question what I am doing and why I think I can get refills that are cheaper than the kits for free and why I am not buying the same refills as kits and on and on.  Well, the good news is, after two more managers appeared one of them finally listened to my register and rang everything in the order I suggested and guess what!  Catalina printed, my total was what I expected and I paid and went on my way!  Sheesh

So, if you feel like going out tonight and replicating my transaction, give the products in THIS order so the computer will automatically take off the $6 for all 3 bogo's.
Ring up one refill, one kit, one refill, one kit, last refill, last kit.
Apparantly my HEB(and possibly all HEB's) are programmed for these particular coupons to group in two's in the order of ringing up and take off the first of the items. These coupons expire TONIGHT so don't delay if you want Swiffer products.

Later I will post a different scenario with toilet paper that is pretty darn sweet!  But right now I am being paged to help carve the pumpkins!

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Kathryn K said...

what a learning experience that was for you! (and now we know)
i wish HEB was closer for me; i hardly ever get there

Anonymous said...

You can also submit you rebate online. It was just super easy and quick, just like using Ibotta. I submitted mine online because I did needed my receipt for the PG Winter Rebate

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